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Doorways Food Pantry of Seekonk, MA started in November 2001 with just seven clients. After 15 years the pantry now serves 55 families each week, has more than 100 volunteers and has given out over 1.3 million pounds of food! At Doorways it’s more than just providing groceries, it is a social experience for both clients and volunteers.

At Doorways the clients are able to shop in the pantry to choose their own grocery items, they are not pre-bagged.


Where do we get our food?

We get food donations from many different sources including the Greater Boston Food Bank, Stop and Shop of Newman Ave in Seekonk, Price Rite of Seekonk, Seekonk Boy Scout food drive, Seekonk Postal food drive, community churches and schools, and from individual members of the community!


Board of Directors

Chairman: Doug Hayward

President/ Treasurer: David Francis

Secretary: Suzie Miller

Fundraiser: David Mullen

Public Relations: Gerry McCabe

Schools: Larry Hindle

Volunteers and Food Acquisition: Polly Hayward

Food Acquisition and Stocking: Diane Fox

New Board Members:

  • Frank Gallishaw
  • Wendy Ashcroft
  •  Paul Hodge
  • Gary Cartwright
  • Emily Fasteson